Communication That Connects; The Magic of Validating Feelings

Carolyn Magnussen, MA (Norway), Montessori teacher, artist, life explorer

How might a small adjustment in our communication style create deep connection? Tuning into and learning the language of our emotions and validating feelings are powerful tools in creating peace and harmony personally and globally. In this seminar we will explore the senses and survival by asking: In what way does the primal yearning for connection and “feeling good” influence all of our actions? How do the two basic emotions of love and fear show up in our relationships? What it is and how it is the bottom line in all relationships (including our relationship to the Earth). We will also look at new brain research concerning feelings and connection, which includes: learning the language of needs and feelings; mirror neurons- seeing and being seen; the amygdala´s role and how to calm it; validating feelings as the key to connection; and deep listening. At the end of the seminar we will explore healing generational and personal trauma.