Participating in the Inherent Spirituality of Children through Age 23

Geoffrey “Ba” Luvmour, MA, (United States) Author, Educator, Head of school, Explorer of consciousness and spirituality

Capacities are innate; development depends upon relationship. Spiritual capacities live in children as they do in everyone. How do these capacities manifest throughout the first 23 years of life? Critically, what kinds of relationships allow the spiritual capacities to flourish? These may be the most import questions facing us. Children who know themselves spiritually… are eco-sapiens. Spiritually oriented adults often impose their concept onto children as to what spirituality should look like. Might this impede their spiritual development? Our conversation will focus on how children organize their world, how their spiritual qualities and expression can be recognized (this will surprise most of you), and the many ways we can participate in relationships that support this natural unfolding. Topics we will explore: How children organize their world; Relationship beyond objectification; Wisdom, The dynamic interplay of organizing principle, relationship, and wisdom; implications for eco-sanity and social justice.