Awakening the Earth Mind, an Ancient Holistic Mode of Consciousness

John Briggs, (United States)  Author of books on creativity and the new science, and Robert Toth, (United States) former director of the Thomas Merton center, educator.

The anthropocentric (human-centered) mode of consciousness that has dominated our thinking for the last 20,000 or so years views the world in terms of subjects and objects. Most people implicitly believe that this mode of consciousness is consciousness itself, the only way of perceiving the world and understanding our place in it. However, a second mode of consciousness that we call the holomorphic or Earth mind mode, also exists in us. This is a holistic way of seeing and being in nature that is also part of our evolutionary heritage. This mode of consciousness has been inadvertently suppressed by an overfocus on the anthropocentric mode. But it has been kept alive by indigenous peoples. The question put to conference attendees is: How can we re-awaken the Earth mind to help us face the climate crisis?