Growing Together Accessing Wisdom with Children

Josette Luvmour, PhD, (United States)  developmentalist, consultant, educator, writer, and researcher.

Deep involvement with the children in our lives can break open our hearts to greater awareness. Everyone accepts that adults influence the child’s development but few realize how much the child’s influences change in the adult. This seminar will explore how sustained effort in conscientious relationship, nurturing the child’s development, can open adults to empathically engage, trust, employ the process of self-inquiry, and to lead to the emergence of new-meaning throughout life. Moreover, with intentional effort, wisdom is a potential. We will consider the questions: How do adults resolve difficult developmental tasks from their own childhoods from actively supplying the developmental imperatives of the child? What is the difference between change and transformation (epistemological change)? What are our innate capacities and how do we development those capacities in relationship? What kinds of relationships bring forth optimal well-being in children and transformation in adults?