The Evolution of the Ecozoic Human

Linda Engelhart, (United States)  AMI/AMS Montessori educator, M.Ed., TIES alumna, nature lover

Thomas Berry, the author of The Great Work: Our Way into the Future, foresees the need for the emergence of a new human, the ecozoic human. Berry would suggest that humanity needs to return to the recognition that our ancestors had—that we are part of a single integral community. Earth has human and other-than-human members; each being has a critical role to play in the ecosystem. Humankind is at a critical point in the Earth’s history, threatening the balance of life on the planet. In this seminar we will explore and discuss what we need to do as people, as parents, as educators and as world citizens to counter the forces that have brought us to the precipice of ecological crisis and to nurture the new human who will usher in the Ecozoic Era.