Integrative Nutrition: Our human microbiome and Gaia

Sharon Moliken, MSW, Nutritional Therapist, Natural Foods Chef, community food activist, mother

Warren Moliken, TIES student, Master kombucha brewer, community food activist, humorist

During this symposium we will explore the human microbiome and the our food story as a context for understanding the ongoing evolution of Earth and all life forms. The complexity of today’s life forms have emerged from a cosmic unfolding that began some 13.8 billion years ago. Within this context, participants will explore how an understanding of the body’s second brain  –the microbial universe of our digestion– can transform our understanding of optimal health in order to support the microbiome with sustainable nutrition. We will also seek to understand how nutrition and lifestyle may determine genetic expression. The Ecozoic acknowledges that human activities on the Earth need to align with the all natural systems throughout the planet so that a creative balance can be achieved. Sustainable agriculture will be the keynote to replenish the planet’s most vital life source, the topsoil.