Adolescence: giving agency to the autopoiesis of human experience.

Steven Arnold, (New Zealand) M.Ed., Lecturer, AUT (Auckland, New Zealand), Screenwriter

Adolescents may be the tip of the human tree.  They are growing, assimilating, adapting and absorbing their culture, while simultaneously changing, challenging and creating a new culture. In botany the growth process in the unfolding bud is called meristematic activity. The adolescent is the creativity and growth point of the human species, and key to our ongoing relationships with self, other and host. Humans have a cosmic task, to co-habit, co-create, and co-evolve with our host Gaia. This seminar will explore these ideas in order to further know, experience and understand ourselves, our environment to come to know our truths. How do we recognise, acknowledge, nurture and advance the role of Adolescence giving agency to the autopoiesis of human experience?